An essential video bundle for beauty salon owners & managers giving a step by step guide on how to increase your client base, sell more to existing customers and what recruitment mistakes to avoid.

This value packed video bundle will teach the 6 rules you need to know before you set up a salon.

Business Master Class for Beauty Salon Managers

Linda Hill’s Business Masterclass – A high impact video masterclass designed for managers assisting them in creating and maintaining a high performance work environment where therapists excel and the business thrives.

Become an Ayurvedic Therapist – 5 day accredited training

The 5 day Ayurvedic Massage Therapies is Tri-Dosha’s unique programme that runs over 5 consecutive days.

Day 1: Covers the theory required to understand the physiology of Ayurvedic massage and Ayurvedic diagnosis

Days 2-5: Covers the seven practical therapies required for those wishing to become a certified Ayurvedic massage therapist.

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