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Permanant staff:  Choose one of the following packages

Job Advert
per 30 day job advertising

Do it yourself recruitment

You advertise your job on our site

30 day job listing for £60

60 day job listing option for £85

Price inclusive

Ask the Expert
per candidate

Do you require expert advice during your recruitment process?

Send us your candidate for an interview and trade test

We provide a quality and standards report on your candidate

Remedial feedback on training needs provided if applicable

* Price exclusive of VAT

Bespoke Recruitment
per package

We manage the entire process

We advertise your job on our site

90 day job listing

We Trade Test all potential candidates

We provide quality and standards report on suitable candidates

We screen and shortlist suitable candidates

We interview suitable candidates

We perform values based metric testing on shortlisted candidates

We provide CVs for shortlisted candidates

We arrange all interviews on your behalf

We coordinate the job offer

* Price may vary depending on job description