1 day Advanced Ayurvedic Holistic Facial workshop

The facial massage within the treatment uses specialist techniques to achieve fantastic results for your clients.

Tri-Dosha skincare products are integrated into the treatment for optimum results.

The full procedure is as follows:
• Facial cleanse
• Guided breathing to connect with client and help them relax
• Vital (marma) point stimulation to clear energy channels
• Massage of chest, shoulders, neck and face to soothe nerve endings, relax muscles, improve circulation and texture of the skin
• Sinus and lymph drainage techniques to remove waste products and assist in healing
• Scalp massage

Course dates for 2020:

Monday 13th April 2020

Monday 12th October 2020


£208+VAT (incl skincare kit)


Sunita Passi Wellness Centre, Grantham, Leicestershire, NG32 1PE

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