How to impress the boss and move up the career ladder

1. Take responsibility

So many staff members blame others when things go wrong. If you have messed up, admit it. If you forgot to do something, say it. Be honest. If you have not reached your sales targets don’t blame circumstances. Instead make a pact with yourself that you are going to work harder to make it happen next time and reach your set targets. Bosses want staff members who are honest, have integrity and take responsibility

2. Be proactive

Don’t wait for your manager to tell you what to do. Ask what you can do for them instead or use your initiative and go and do something that will benefit the company. Avoid trying to look busy. This is a complete waste of your time. Your job will become more meaningful if you take on extra tasks or assist others.

3. Use your common sense

When in doubt on how to handle a situation put yourself in the shoes of the customer and think how they would like to be treated. When faced with a crisis think of possible solutions on how to solve the problem. Think what would be the best outcome and what could you do to move closer to this outcome.

4. Be detail orientated

Attention to detail is what makes the difference between a job done and a job well done. Don’t just rush a job just for the sake of getting it done. Take pride in your work. When dealing with customers it is often the small little details that they notice and what sets you apart from others.

5. Be punctual

Bosses want staff that arrive on time and manage their time well. Staff that arrive early so when their actual shift starts they are ready to go. There is nothing worse than a client already waiting for their treatment when a therapist walks through the door.

6. Be reliable

Bosses want staff that they can count on. People that are there no matter what. Great people will do things without being asked or reminded.

7. Be honest

Relationships are built on trust. Bosses want staff that are honest and trustworthy. People that have integrity.

8. Be respectful

Bosses want staff that show respect for their clients and also to other members of the team. Someone who does not gossip and is professional at all times.

9. Go the extra mile

The quickest way to your bosses’ heart is to go the extra mile.  Employees that stand out and make a difference are the ones that put in more than what is expected of them. They perform tasks out of their job description because they want to help the business and help their colleagues perform better.


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