Recruitment 101

You should hire team members that will fit with your culture and share your values. When you have a team that get along, you will create a positive working environment where people are motivated to work hard and look after your customers. When staff members share your values they will do more than just what is expected of them.


Linda Hill- Keynote Speaker at the ISCOHB in Tokyo, Japan

The International Society of Coordination for Health and Beauty invited Linda to be a keynote speaker at their conference in Tokyo, Japan. The congress was held with the theme of “New Developments in Health and Beauty”. Linda Hill, together with other leading representatives from the UK and Japan are constantly striving to increase standards within the industry and raise the profile and social status of beauty therapists world wide.

QVC Event

QVC is the leading multimedia shopping retailer. One of our talented temps had the opportunity to appear on QVC applying the sought-after Powder Lounge Couture Lashes.